Redispersible Powder Polymer

Redispersible Powder Polymer

Redispersible Polymer Powder is the most important binder in cement-based, gypsum-based dry powder materials. Redispersible Polymer Powder is a spray-dried powder of polymer emulsion. Redispersible Polymer Powder is re-emulsified with water and has the same properties as the original emulsion, that is a film can be formed after water evaporation. This film has high toughness, weather resistance and adhesion to a substrate. In addition, the latex powder with hydrophobic properties can improve the waterproof performance of the waterproof mortar.

Redispersible Powder Polymer


ModelAsh content (%)Minimum film forming temperatureGlass transition temperature (TG value)Recommended Applications
BJ-50312±200-3External wall thermal insulation plastering mortar;External wall flexible putty powder; Tile renovation putty powder;Repair mortar; Gypsum-based lightweight plastering mortar; Gypsum-based putty powder
BJ-50212±203-5Tile adhesive mortar; External wall thermal insulation adhesive mortar; Interface mortar; Self-leveling mortar
BJ-FS12±225-8FS insulation board
BJ-Tile Adhesive12±215-8Floor and wall tiles; Small and Large format tiles; Porous and Non-porous tiles; Mineral and Non-mineral substratesHigh Bond Tile Adhesive
BJ-Self leveling12±203-5Cement-based self-leveling mortar; Gypsum-based self-leveling mortar; Quick repair mortar; Grouting mortar
BJ- Diatom Mud12±203-5Diatom mud, Interior decoration sand

Redispersible Powder Polymer

Performance of Redispersible Polymer Powder in Dry Mortar

Improve the adhesion of dry mortar to various substrates and ensure the weather resistance of mortar bonding strength under various conditions of use. For example, improve the bonding strength between mortar and EPS board, EPS particles, concrete wall, brick wall in thermal insulation mortar;

Reduce the modulus of elasticity of the material and improve the elasticity and flexibility of the material. The material can withstand certain substrate deformation, external impact, temperature deformation, freeze-thaw deformation. For example, dispersible latex powder can significantly improve the dynamic crack resistance of putty and the heat aging resistance of tile adhesive, and the impact resistance of EPS board insulation system;

Redispersible latex powder can reduce the water absorption rate of the material, special hydrophobic latex powder effect is more obvious. Reduction of water and water damage caused by molding mortar;

Certain types of dispersible latex powder can improve the anti-sagging and fluidity of mortar to improve the construction performance of mortar.

Redispersible Powder Polymer

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