Quality Control

Quality Control

Established in 2013, Baixiang Baojie New Building Materials Co., Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of cellulose ether (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) and redispersible latex powder (RDP)in China.

Quality Control

Raw Material


Raw Material:

First-grade refined cotton is used as raw material to ensure that the produced cellu-lose ether has bright white color, less ash content and better water retention. We choose high-quality suppliers as partners, and conduct detailed inspections on each batch of raw materials.

The first detection


The first detection:

During the production process, we will test the viscosity, moisture, ash content and water retention of the semi-fnished products in order to ensure the high quality of the products. All items must pass the test and meet the indicators before proceeding to the next step of production.

Automatic control


Automatic control:

Using German production equipment and production technology, one piece of equipment can realize multi-process production steps, and the automatic control of the DCS system in the whole process, which is efficient and ensures stable product quality, and safe and reliable production operation.

Finished product inspection


Finished product inspection:

Each batch of products has been inspected twice by the quality inspection department before leaving the factory. Includes technical data review and application testing. After passing the inspection, it can be packaged and put into storage. Ensure the quality of all products. We store each batch of samples for 2 years.




Our warehouse is in a ventilated, dry and cool environment to ensure the high quality of each batch of products before leaving the factory.

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