Chemical HPMC Manufacturer

Chemical HPMC Manufacturer

HPMC is a white, odorless, tasteless powder, easily soluble in water and other solvents. It is compatible with many surfactants and polymers. It is commonly used as a functional additive and thickener in many products, including cosmetics, and construction materials.

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) is a non-ionic, water-soluble polymer derived from cotton. It is produced by

It is produced by treating cellulose with propylene oxide and chloromethane. This process replaces some of the hydroxyl groups on the cellulose molecule with methyl groups.

Cellulose ether (HPMC) products are used as thickeners, dispersants, emulsifiers, binding agents, film formers and gels in many industrial applications.

agents, film-forming agents and gel-forming agents. They have excellent thickening effect and water retention capacity, and are of great significance in dry-mixed mortars for construction materials.

Chemical HPMC Manufacturer

Chemical HPMC Manufacturer


Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) is a versatile polymer derived from cellulose and is commonly used in various industries and applications due to its unique features. 

Water Solubility: HPMC is water-soluble, which means it can dissolve in water to form a clear and viscous solution. This property is particularly useful in applications where a water-based solution or dispersion is required.

Thickening Agent: HPMC acts as an effective thickening agent in solutions. It can increase the viscosity of liquids, making them thicker and more stable. This is valuable in industries such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Film-Forming Properties: HPMC can form flexible and transparent films when it dries. This property is utilized in various applications, including coatings, adhesives, and drug delivery systems, where a thin protective film is needed.

Binding Agent: HPMC is used as a binding agent in tablet manufacturing. It helps compress powdered ingredients into solid tablets with good hardness and disintegration properties.

Moisture Retention: HPMC has the ability to retain moisture, which is valuable in construction materials like cement-based products. It helps prevent premature drying and enhances workability.

Chemical Compatibility: HPMC is compatible with a wide range of other chemicals and additives, making it versatile for formulating products in various industries.

pH Stability: HPMC is stable over a wide pH range, making it suitable for use in products with varying acidity or alkalinity.

Environmental Friendliness: HPMC is derived from natural cellulose sources and is biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for many applications.



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