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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) is widely used in construction, cosmetics, detergents, coatings and other fields as thickeners, emulsifiers, film-forming agents, adhesives, dispersants, protective colloids.

We can supply regular grade HPMC, we can also supply modified HPMC according to customers' requirements, after modification and surface treatment, we can get the advantages of fast dispersion in water, prolonged open time, anti-sagging and so on.

After modification and surface treatment, we can get the advantages of fast dispersion in water, prolonged opening time, anti-sagging, etc.



Typical applications of HPMC

Tile adhesive

●Good water retention: prolongs the open time and makes tiling more efficient.

●Improved adhesion and anti-slip properties: especially suitable for thick and heavy tiles.

Better compatibility: Ensure the lubricity and plasticity of the plaster, making the mortar construction easier and faster.

Cement plastered thousand mixed mortar

●Easy dry-mixing formula due to cold water dissolution: it can easily avoid caking and is ideal for heavy tiles.

Good water retention: Prevents water loss from the substrate, keeping the mix at the right moisture content and ensuring a long coagulation time.

Increased water demand: Increased open time, larger spray area, more economical formulations.

Increased consistency makes it easier to spread and improves anti-sagging properties.

Wall Putty

Water retention: Maximizes the water content of the paste.

●Anti-sagging: Avoids wrinkling when applying thicker coats.

●Increase mortar yield: Depending on the weight of the dry mixture and proper formulation, HPMC can increase the volume of mortar.

Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS)

●Improve adhesion.

●Good wetting of EPS boards and substrates.

●Reduces air entry and water absorption.


. Prevents water seepage and material settling.

●Low viscosity, does not affect the slurry flowability.

HPMC, while its water retention properties improve surface finish performance.

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