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Redispersible Latex Powder 

Redispersible latex powder (general type) is a special polymer made of powdered binder by spray drying. The powder can be quickly dispersed again to form emulsion after contacting with water, and has the same properties as the initial emulsion, i.e. it can form a film after the water evaporates, and the film has high flexibility and high weather resistance for various substrates with high adhesion. The powder is environmentally friendly, energy saving, good quality, used in powder materials, is an indispensable functional additive for dry-mixed mortar. It can improve the performance of mortar, improve the strength of mortar, improve the bond strength of mortar and different substrates, improve the flexural line, compressive strength, flexural strength, abrasion resistance and toughness of mortar.

Redispersible emulsion powder is mainly used in all kinds of dry-mixed mortar, such as wall putty powder, tile adhesive, tile caulking agent, dry powder interface agent, external wall exterior insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, decorative mortar, waterproof mortar, etc.


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Redispersible emulsion powder (re-dispersible emulsion powder) is the main raw material for the production of interior and exterior wall putty, bonding mortar and plastering mortar. The powder is specially used as a binder for substrates such as heavy calcium superphosphate, talcum powder and white cement. It can improve the bonding performance, water resistance, bending strength and operability of substrates.

Redispersible emulsion powder is mainly used in dry-mixed mortar in the construction industry, and is an important additive in dry-mixed mortar.

Redispersible emulsion powder has obvious effects in dry-mixed mortar. It can improve the strength and bonding strength, elastic bending strength and fracture strength of the material. It improves the frost resistance, weather resistance, durability and wear resistance of the material. It can also enhance hydrophobicity, reduce water absorption, improve construction performance and reduce the shrinkage of the material. The powder can effectively prevent cracking.

1、Improve bonding strength and adhesion.

It is very necessary to add redispersible emulsion powder in dry mortar products. It can obviously improve the bond strength and adhesion of the material, which is because the polymer particles penetrate the matrix pores and capillaries of the cement, so that the cement hydrates and forms a good bond strength. In addition, due to the excellent bonding power of polymer resin, the powder has a good effect on improving the bonding power of dry mortar to the substrate, especially improving the poor bonding performance of inorganic binders such as cement to organic materials such as wood The powder has a good effect on improving the adhesion of dry mortar to organic materials such as wood, fiber, PVC and EPS.

2、Improve the bending and tensile properties

In the rigid structure after hydration of cement mortar, the membrane elasticity and toughness of polymer has a similar role as the active joint between cement mortar particles, which can withstand higher twisting loads and reduce stresses and improve structural strength. Tension and bending resistance.

3、Improvement of impact resistance

Redispersible polymer powder is a thermoplastic resin. The soft covering on the surface of mortar particles can absorb external impact, i.e. stretching without destruction, thus improving the impact resistance of mortar.

4、Improve hydrophobicity and reduce water absorption rate

Adding re-dispersible emulsion powder can improve the microstructure of cement mortar. The polymer forms irreversible network in the hydration process of cement. The capillaries in the cement are closely gelled, which can prevent the absorption of water and water penetration. Thus, it improves the resistance to infiltration.

5、Improve wear resistance and durability

Adding re-dispersible polymer powder can enhance the dense grade between cement mortar particles and polymer film. The strengthening of bonding force accordingly improves the shear stress tolerance of mortar, reduces the wear rate, improves wear resistance and extends the service life of mortar.

6、Improve freeze-thaw stability and effectively prevent material cracking

The plasticity function possessed by thermoplastic resin of re-dispersible emulsion powder can overcome the swelling damage brought by temperature difference change to cement mortar material. It can overcome the defects of dry shrinkage, distortion and easy cracking of single cement mortar, and make the material flexible, thus improving the long-term stability of the material.

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