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RDP (Redispersible Latex Powder)

RDP (Redispersible Latex Powder)


RDP (Redispersible latex powder) products are water-soluble redispersible powders, which are divided into ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid, and spray-dried to make a white powder adhesive.

Product introduction

Baojie: RDP ( Redispersible latex powder) -- BJ-502

RDP (Redispersible latex powder) products are water-soluble redispersible powders, which are divided into ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid, and spray-dried to make a white powder adhesive.

Properties: Good flexibility, good film formation, strong adhesion,etc.


Redispersible Latex Powder

Redispersible latex powder is a special polymer made from powdered binder by spray drying. The powder can be quickly dispersed again after contact with water to form emulsion, and has the same properties with the initial emulsion, that is, after the evaporation of water can form a film, the film has high flexibility, high weather resistance is suitable for a variety of substrates with high adhesion. The powder is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, excellent quality, used in powder materials, is an indispensable functional additive for dry mortar. It can improve the performance of mortar, improve the strength of mortar, improve the bonding strength of mortar and different substrates, improve the flexural line of mortar, compressive strength, flexural strength, abrasion resistance and toughness, adhesion and water retention, constructability.

Redispersible latex powder is mainly used in all kinds of dry mortar, such as wall putty powder, tile adhesive, tile caulk, dry powder interfacial agent, exterior insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, decorative mortar, waterproofing mortar and so on.

RDP (Redispersible Latex Powder)


Redispersible latex powder is the main raw material for the production of internal and external wall putty, bonding mortar, plastering mortar. The powder is specially used as binder for base materials such as calcium heavy superphosphate, talcum powder, white cement and so on. It can improve the adhesive property, water resistance, bending strength and maneuverability of the substrate.

Redispersible latex powder has a significant role in dry mix mortar. It can improve the strength and bonding, elastic bending strength and breaking strength of the material. Improve the frost resistance, weather resistance, durability and abrasion resistance of the material. It can also enhance hydrophobicity, reduce water absorption, improve construction performance and reduce the shrinkage rate of the material. The powder can effectively prevent cracking.

1, Improve bonding strength and adhesion.

It is necessary to add dispersible latex powder in dry mortar products. It can significantly improve the bonding strength and adhesion of the material, which is due to the matrix pore and capillary penetration of the polymer particles to the cement, so that the hydration of the cement to form a good bonding strength. In addition, due to the excellent bonding strength of polymer resin, the powder has a better effect on improving the bonding strength of dry mortar to the substrate, especially to improve the poor bonding performance of inorganic binders such as cement to organic materials such as wood. 

2、Improve bending and tensile properties

In the rigid structure of cement mortar hydration, the membrane elasticity and toughness of polymers have a similar role as the movable joints between cement mortar particles, which can withstand higher torsional loads and reduce stress, improve structural strength. Tension and bending resistance.

3, the improvement of impact resistance

Redispersible polymer powder is a thermoplastic resin. The soft cover on the surface of the mortar particles can absorb the external impact, i.e., stretching without destruction, thus improving the impact resistance of the mortar.

4、Improve hydrophobicity and reduce water absorption rate

Adding dispersible latex powder can improve the microstructure of cement mortar. The polymer forms an irreversible network in the hydration process of cement. The capillaries in the cement are tightly gelatinized, which can play the role of water absorption and water permeability. Thus improving the resistance to infiltration.

5、Improve abrasion resistance and durability

Adding re-dispersible polymer powder can enhance the dense grade between cement mortar particles and polymer film. The strengthening of the bonding force correspondingly improves the mortar's ability to withstand shear stress, reduces the abrasion rate, improves the abrasion resistance, and prolongs the service life of the mortar.

6, improve freeze-thaw stability, effectively prevent material cracking

The plasticity function that dispersible latex powder thermoplastic resin has can overcome the expansion damage brought about by temperature difference to cement mortar materials. It can overcome the defects of single cement mortar which is drying, twisting and easy to crack, and make the material flexible, so as to improve the long-term stability of the material.

Application Range

Application Range

Tile adhesive mortar; External wall thermal insulation adhesive mortar; Interface mortar; Self-leveling mortar

RDP Physical & Chemical Indicators

Appearance--Free flowing white powder
Solid content%≥99.0
Ash content%12±2
Bulk densityg/L450-600
Fineness(150um square-mesh sieve residue)%≤10.0
PH value--6-8
Minimum film forming temperature0
Glass transition temperature (Tg)4

RDP ( Redispersible latex powder) Series Products

ModelAsh content (%)Minimum film forming temperatureGlass transition temperature (TG value)Recommended Applications
BJ-50312±200-3External wall thermal insulation plastering mortar;External wall flexible putty powder; Tile renovation putty powder;Repair mortar; Gypsum-based lightweight plastering mortar; Gypsum-based putty powder
BJ-50212±203-5Tile adhesive mortar; External wall thermal insulation adhesive mortar; Interface mortar; Self-leveling mortar
BJ-FS12±225-8FS insulation board
BJ-Tile Adhesive12±215-8Floor and wall tiles; Small and Large format tiles; Porous and Non-porous tiles; Mineral and Non-mineral substratesHigh Bond Tile Adhesive
BJ-Self leveling12±203-5Cement-based self-leveling mortar; Gypsum-based self-leveling mortar; Quick repair mortar; Grouting mortar
BJ- Diatom Mud12±203-5Diatom mud, Interior decoration sand

Packaging and Storage

Packing: 25kg/bag; 16tons/20’FCL; 28tons/40’HQ.

Storage: Dry; Ventilated; Cool; Pay attention to moisture.

Note: After opening , the unused RDP must be sealed to avoid moisture from air contact.

Shelf life: Half a year, if it exceeds the shelf life, but there is no agglomeration, it can still be used.


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