HPMC Powder

HPMC Powder

CAS No. 9004-65-3

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) is a multifunctional lubricant, foam enhancer and stabilizer, thickener, emulsion stabilizer, and film-former for hair and skin care products.HPMC is particularly useful in surfactant systems, where it possesses foam-enhancing properties that contribute to the formation of a bubbly structure, resulting in richer, longer-lasting foams.HPMC has a high tolerance for salt and alcohol.

Techniques for Dispersion

The preferred method is to begin by heating approximately 1/3 of the total formulation water to 167°F (75°C) or higher. Add the HPMC to the vortex of agitated and heated water. Mix until fully dispersed. HMPC will not dissolve at this temperature. After complete dispersion, add the remaining water at room temperature or colder and continue mixing for 30 minutes after the total solution has cooled to 77°F. (25°C) or less. Proceed with the formulation.

If heating is impossible, it is preferred to slurry the HPMC in a non-solvating media, such as glycerin or PEG, then add the slurry to the vortex of vigorously agitated water. Adding HPMC directly to cold water is not preferred, but if necessary, must be done very slowly under vigorous agitation. Expect longer mixing times for complete dissolution.

HPMC Powder

HPMC Powder



Improvement of machinability and processing of cementitious and ceramic-based extrusions through lubrication.

Thickening effect

Increases the viscosity of liquids in daily chemical products and personal care products

Suspension effect

Enhances dispersion rate suspension effect and stability of suspension systems, including concrete, mortar, and EIFS systems.

Water retention

Avoid rapid water loss during construction drying, enhance water retention and ensure sufficient hydration time for cement-based, lime-based and gypsum-based materials.

PH stabilization

Stable in the pH range of 3.0 to 11.0. The solubility of HPMC increases greatly under alkaline conditions.

Chemically stable

Compatible with other ionic and nonionic additives in aqueous solution while providing a stable combination when dissolved in water.

Open Time

Extends open time during construction, giving more time for corrections.

Cost Saving

High water usage allows you to produce higher yields of your material, thus saving you money.


Mortar/Concrete /EIFS/ETICS

Tile Adhesive

Renders / Plasters / Skim Coat


Ceramic Extrusion

Home Care & Personal Care

Self Leveling

What is HPMC

Cellulose ether is a very important component in building materials that provides better water retention, strength and adhesion to cement, lime and gypsum based products. Cellulose ethers make it impossible to industrialize high quality mortars.

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