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Interior and Exterior Wall Putty Powder


Application of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) in Interior and Exterior Putty Powder:


HPMC has three functions in putty powder: Thickening, Water retention, Workability.


1. Thickening: Cellulose can thicken and serve as a suspension, maintaining a uniform solution up and down, and resisting sagging.

2. Water retention: Allow the putty powder to dry slowly, assisting the reaction of gray calcium under the action of water.

3. Workability: Cellulose has a lubricating effect and can make putty powder have good workability.


Application of Redispersible latex powder (RDP-VAE) in Interior and Exterior Putty Powder:


1. Improve the adhesion and mechanical properties of putty powder.

2. Improve the cohesion of putty, excellent alkali resistance, wear resistance, and enhance flexural strength.

3. Improve the water resistance and impermeability of putty powder.

4. Improve the water retention of putty and increase its opening time.

5. Improve the impact resistance and enhance the durability of putty powder.


Application of Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS) in Interior and Exterior Putty Powder:


Main functions of hydroxypropyl starch ether


1. Rapid thickening: medium viscosity with high water retention.

2. Small dosage, extremely low addition can achieve high results.

3. Improve the anti sagging ability of the material itself.

4. Good lubricity and can improve the operational performance of the material, making the operation smoother.

5. Low viscosity, high hydrophilicity, good fluidity, weak sedimentation, and high stability.

ModelProduct Details
BJ-75000HPMC 75000
BJ-100000HPMC 100000
BJ-503RDP-VAE 503
BJ-HPSHydroxypropyl Starch Ether
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