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Latex Paint


Hydroxyethyl cellulose(HEC) makes coating production more convenient and efficient.


Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) has been widely used and recognized due to its excellent color development, product stability, Thixotropy, sagging resistance and ease of operation.


Characteristics of Hydroxyethyl cellulose in the Use of Latex Paint:


1. Significant thickening effect, water retention effect, and delayed drying time during coating application.


2. Make the paint have a certain Thixotropy to prevent the phenomenon of precipitation and stratification in the storage of paint.


3. Its anti biological enzyme performance and strong anti biological enzyme ability effectively resist the corrosion of biological enzymes produced by microorganisms.


4. Improve the sagging phenomenon that occurs during construction. When brushing and roller coating, the product is easy to spread on the base layer, making it convenient for construction.

ModelProduct Details
BJ-HEC 30000HEC 30000
BJ-HEC 60000HEC 60000
BJ-HEC 100000HEC 100000
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